Millennium Consulting Group

Mission & Principles

Our Mission
The Millennium Consulting Group engages organizations, groups, and individuals in processes of discovery that accelerate high performance and directly affect the bottom line.

Our Guiding Principles
Values that are fundamental to every aspect of our work are:

  • Using processes that honor, release, and utilize the knowledge of individuals and groups.

  • Building and maintaining trust.

  • Listening to and valuing multiple voices.

  • Employing “best practices” and using time economically.

  • Maintaining confidentiality where appropriate.

  • Discerning which consultant role to play and when: coaching, motivating, designing, training, facilitating, data collecting, clarifying, synthesizing, and untangling.

  • Fully utilizing the expertise of participant-stakeholders, respectfully beginning “where they are,” but “pushing them beyond their comfort zones.”

  • Viewing learning as a process of engagement, challenge, and transformation and understanding that people learn best when that process is enjoyable.

  • Having fun as we do our job!

Accelerating Intentional Change