Millennium Consulting Group

What We Do

Engage organizations in ways to:

          Reframe    Refuel    Renew    Refocus
            Reshape    Redesign    Rethink    Recharge

Reduce gaps in:

  • Policy and practice.

  • What the organization says it wants to do and what customers say it is doing.

  • What leadership says is happening and what employees say is happening.

When you collaborate with the Millennium Consulting Group

  • Past key learnings become anchor points of the future.

  • Managers better understand their pivotal roles in making things happen or in keeping things from happening.

  • New critical insights are gained about your organization’s hidden dimensions.

We collaborate in a range of projects and initiatives involving consulting, planning, training, design, and facilitation:

Strategic Planning and Action Planning
Creating Missions and Visions
Creating Inclusive Environments Through Diversity Initiatives
Team Building
Board Engagement and Governance
Retreat/Meeting Design and Facilitation
Curriculum Development
Internal Consultative Skills

Grounded in the approaches of Appreciative Inquiry, Polarity Management, Real Time Strategic Change, Human Systems Dynamics, and other on-the-ground-methodology, we are able to bring an eclectic emergent application to each situation based on the individual needs of clients.

Founded in Minneapolis in 1993 by strategic change consultant Dr. Yvonne Cheek, Ph.D., Millennium Consulting Group has been engaged in local and national projects with businesses, government agencies, foundations, education institutions, and non-profit organizations.

Accelerating Intentional Change